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 Greedy Bug Book Reviews Says Goodbye.




As of WEDENSDAY, FEBRUARY 25TH 2015, the journey of this blog, Greedy Bug Book Reviews, while having been quite something, has now come to an end. As of today’s date the blog is officially ARCHIVED. All reviews will be kept on here out of respect to the authors who have lovingly crafted their books, and the reviewers who have put so many hours into the reviews; and who have made this a place that LGBT YA/NA readers could come to WITHOUT any adult content.

Our thanks go the following –

Mr Austro-Hungarian,  while not contributing a lot of reviews, did add some excellent thoughts in all his posts. He was also the driving force behind this review site starting in the first place. Thanks Mr A-H. 

Josh, who was a powerhouse on this blog until the ugly side of reviewing and some authors and their crony readers put an end to his desire to review here or on Goodreads any further. To the people involved, shame on you! Josh wrote some amazing reviews and would read books that other reviewers sometimes weren’t so interested in. We miss you on this site but know you have gone on to other things 🙂

Trisha, who we have seen grow into a terrific reviewer and a lovely young lass, and an LGBT YA author in her own right. While she was reviewing before Josh, she has taken up the torch and helped out so much post-Josh. We thank her a great deal. Trisha will be coming over to review on our adult sister- site very shortly.

Cindi and Kazza would like to thank the people who have followed this blog, whether you ever commented or not makes no difference, just the fact that you stopped by is a great thing.  We are sad to see the site become archived but we are no longer keen on reviewing YA books ourselves these days, the occasional ones we do read are on our other site.

Our Facebook page will not be going anywhere and if you drop by there you will find that we don’t just add reviews, we care about and are actively involved in the LGBT community. We add posts that we feel may be helpful, important or might just add a smile or motivate. So pop on in there if you want to.   




Original Page –

Hello and welcome 🙂



Mr Austro-Hungarian, Josh, Kazza K, and Cindi would like to welcome you to the Greedy Bug LGBTQ YA?NA book review blog.


Kazza K and Cindi are both avid reviewers on another blog, Goodreads, and sometimes on Amazon. Josh is a fast reader and devours books in no time at all and Mr Austro-Hungarian is also a keen reader, sometimes reviewer, and writer. Greedy Bug was developed specifically for LGBTQ Young Adult and also LGBTQ New Adult book reviews. We know there are lots of YA book blogs out there but we want to place an emphasis on LGBTQ writing. We also want to have a safe haven and age appropriate blog. We will cover books with meaning, books that are fun, books about bullying, longer books and shorter reads. The size doesn’t matter, just the writing. For the record , we will step outside LGBTQ writing on occasion for books that take our interest, have meaning or link back to the primary objective of this blog.

While this is a book blog, sometimes we will blog about current topics or issues, we would love people to join in and maybe tell us what they would like to read or discuss. We also enjoy it when people comment on our reviews or tell us about books that they like and why. We would love to see you join as a member, the more members we have the more free stuff and competitions we can offer. It is easy and private to be a subscriber simply add your email address in the “follow” pop-up down in the right hand bottom of the screen.

Greedy Bug also has a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and tumblr. Click on the Facebook icon to take you to our page. We will post sayings, jokes, pictures and you can talk to us there or contact us if you would like to.

Mr Austro-Hungarian: is a second year medical science student. It’s great to have his youthful perspective on a YA/NA book review site. Mr A-H is a keen reader, he doesn’t review them all, only when the mood strikes, and when he has the time, but we’re very glad he reviews for Greedy Bug when he is so inclined.

Josh: is an avid reader of Young Adult books. He reads approximately a book a day and his favourites include fantasy and coming-of-age stories. He is a keen football watcher (the soccer variety) and lover of Bruce Springsteen’s music.   

Kazza K: has worked for over twenty years in private practice and sitting on several committees. She has worked extensively with families, children and LGBTQ youth. She is a mum of two children.

Cindi: has worked for charitable organisations helping people and families in times of need. She is also a mum of three, but has had plenty more come into her fold as extended family. She is also a strong voice for LGBTQ youth. 

Trisha Harrington: Trisha is an Irish girl and an avid reader of YA/NA gay fiction. A teenager herself, she has a good idea of what goes on in the minds of the young characters in the YA books that she reads. 

We all love to read and agreed that an appropriate blog for LGBTQ YA/NA reading was needed. Often it is nestled in amongst older reading material or not given the attention it deserves. Here it has its own blog.

Good reading and thank you for stopping by Greedy Bug Book Reviews 😀

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  1. Vince says:

    Thanks for sharing young adult reviews in a good place.

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