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Harmonious HeartsGreedy Bug Bug Reviews is proud to welcome one of our own, Trisha Harrington, whose short story, Our First Anniversary, has just been published by Harmony Ink as part of the Harmonious Hearts – Stories from the 2014 Young Authors Challenge anthology.


GB: Welcome, Trisha, and congrats on your story being published!


TH: Thank you for inviting me!


GB: Those who follow Greedy Bug know that you are one of our regular reviewers. How does it feel to be here as an actual published author?


TH: I’m incredibly grateful that you wanted to interview me as an author, but I have to admit, it does feel a little strange to be here like this.


GB: Our First Anniversary is about Luke and Jamie, both sixteen, who are about to celebrate their first anniversary together, hence the title. There is a bit of pressure from others on both sides to go one step further in the relationship. You wrote about something a lot of teens experience in regards to sex and peer pressure. What would you like to tell us about Luke and Jamie and what made you write about this particular subject?


TH: Jamie and Luke are two teenage boys who come from completely different backgrounds and are very different people, but they’re also perfect for each other. Jamie comes from a screwed up family and he’s angry, rightly so, because he had a very rough childhood. He’s lived with his brother since their parents’ death, and he’s also trying to overcome the past. Luke is quieter than Jamie, and he also comes from a different type of family. He didn’t have a particularly bad childhood, but he didn’t have a particularly good one either. His family consists of his mom, dad, and his younger brother and sister. On the outside, they look like the perfect Christian family, but they’re not. And all of that is because Luke’s parents can’t accept him for who he is.

It’s hard for me to answer the second part of this question, but only because I think a lot of times, teenagers feel pressured to have sex from their friends and it’s worse if you’re in a relationship. I’ve heard people say they had sex because they felt like they had to. But like Ste, Jamie’s brother, said, it can ruin relationships if you’re not ready. So I think it’s important to teach teenagers to trust themselves, and to know when they’re ready to take the next step, whether they’re in a relationship or not. But I also think an adult in the teenager’s life should be willing to get past their own discomfort at the subject, and talk to the teens about sex. So that was definitely a big reason I wrote about this particular subject, but it was also part of Jamie and Luke’s story, so I had to tell it.


GB: Jamie had a rough childhood and is being raised by his older brother, Ste. Luke, on the other hand, lives with both of his parents and two siblings. Jamie’s brother is accepting of his sexuality, while Luke’s parents are anything but with their son. The latter is unfortunately all too common for LGBT teens. What would you like to tell us about that? Ste? Luke’s parents? Why did you want to touch on Luke’s parents and their behavior specifically?


TH: I didn’t really think a lot about Luke’s parents until I started writing this, and even then, I didn’t plan on giving them a huge part in this. But the more I learned about, the more I realized they could be a very import part of this story, even if they aren’t likable characters. They added in a small bit of drama to the story, and they could have caused major problems for Luke and Jamie, but Luke was able to stand up for himself, which is important. 



GB: I know that music is a large part of your writing process, as it is with a lot of other authors. What are your favorites to listen to when you are in writing mode?


TH: Oh yeah, I tend to listen to a lot of music while I write. I’m definitely a fan of a lot of different types of music, rock, indie, pop, some country. As for who I listen to, well that depends. One of my all time favorite bands is Daughter, and they are definitely one of the most consistent bands I listen to. But I also love Linkin Park, Evanescence, Pink, Birdy, Colbie Caillat, Switchfoot and Christina Perri (her song Human is just amazing).


Some of my favorite Daughter songs to listen to while I write are: Candles, Youth, Touch, Still and Love.


Our First Anniversary playlist:

Professor Green and Lily Allen – Just Be Good to Green

P!nk – Family Portrait

Kelly Clarkson – Because of You

Mandy Moore – Only Hope

Placebo – Running Up That Hill

Oasis – Don’t Look Back In Anger


GB: What else would you like our readers to know about Trisha Harrington? Favorite music? Works in progress? The floor is yours. 🙂


TH: Well, I can be quite shy in real life, but I’m a lot more talkative online. I’m a very fast reader, which isn’t always a good thing, as I can go through a book in a few hours and since I read a lot, it can be quite expensive. I watch a lot of TV, too, and I have done since I was really young. Some of my favorite shows are Shameless, Teen Wolf, Sherlock, The Night Shift and Mrs. Browns Boys. And, as mentioned above, I have a massive love for music. There are so many songs that are favorites of mine. But a few of them are Cannonball by Damien Rice, Breathe Me by Sia, Same Love by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, My Immortal by Evanescence and These Are the Days of Our Lives by Queen.

I have a lot of story ideas, but only one current WIP (I actually find it incredibly hard to write more than one story at a time). Anyway, the WIP I’m working on is a dark contemporary YA. The story is about Jesse and Noah, two best friends who are very close and very much in love. I don’t want to say a lot about it, but I’m really excited to finish it! I’ve had these boys for so long and I really love their story.


GB: Again, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us. We at Greedy Bug try not to be biased, but we are extremely proud of you, Trisha. Thanks for being on the other side for this interview. 🙂


TH: It was great to be here! Thank you for having me! 🙂


Author BioTrisha - Photo Edited


Trisha Harrington is an Irish girl with a love of all things books and music. She also loves the many Disney characters, Winnie the Pooh especially, although she couldn’t really pick her favorite character. She would like to see Winnie the Pooh living very happily in the Hundred Acre Wood with Eeyore, who wouldn’t be depressed anymore.

Trisha discovered m/m romance at the tender age of fifteen. While her stories tend to be dark and she puts her characters through a lot, she also believes in a HEA for her boys.

She usually creates a playlist and listens to music while she writes, ranging throughout the musical spectrum, although she prefers Rock, Indie Folk, and Pop. She finds it helps her set a mood for whatever she’s working on.

She’s a very chatty person and loves talking to people. Feel free to contact her on Twitter, Facebook, or Goodreads.






14 responses to “Interview With Trisha Harrington

  1. Trisha says:

    Thanks, again, for having me! <3

    • Cindi says:

      Thank YOU for allowing me to interview you and for being on the “other” side. You wrote a great story, Trisha. I have no doubt everyone else will agree. Congrats again.

  2. Tinnean says:

    Great interview, Trisha, and congratulations on the release! Go you!

  3. Laura Johnson says:

    Great interview and I can’t wait to read the anthology!

  4. Bev Sutherland says:

    Well done sweet pea!! Wishing you everything you wish for yourself in the future. <3

  5. Kazza says:

    Great interview, Trisha. Very happy for you to be doing something you love and spreading the ‘love is love’ message.

    It’s also important to have young adults writing YA stories. I liked your perspective on sex and teens as well.

    Congrats. I look forward to reading your story. 😀

  6. Josh says:

    Looking forward to reading this one Trisha!

  7. Kelly says:

    Thanks for the great interview! It’s so refreshing to see young authors today tackling big subjects and not afraid to talk about gay kids. I read your story and it’s excellent. I can’t wait to read more of your work.

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